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 A Homework Given by our Teacher

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: 30/04/2008

: A Homework Given by our Teacher    02, 2008 1:29 pm

Activities (Expressing Conditions)

Ex.1 Fill the gaps with as long, providing and unless.
1 She's a sweet person ___________ that you don't contradict her.
2 You can't borrow my camera ___________ you're prepared to buy me a new one if you break it.
3 You can borrow my camera ___________ that you buy me a new one if you break it.
4 Camping is fun ___________ as you don't forget the torch and the can-opener.
5 Camping is fun ___________ you forget the torch and the can-opener.
6 Don't use ESL websites ___________ they are free.
7 Only use ESL websites ___________ as they are free.
8 I refuse to go ___________ you come with me.
9 A great white shark will be nice to you ___________ as you stroke his nose.
10 ___________ that the weather is good, we'll spend the day in the mountains.
11 I refuse to watch Channel Two, ___________ they show less adverts.
12 ___________ I can find a cheaper one, I'll have to buy that monitor.
13 ___________ as you wear a bullet-proof jacket, being a president is a safe job.
14 ___________ you're prepared to work very hard, you'll never be a doctor.
Ex.2 Fill the gaps with a few, few, a little or little.
1 ___________ people came to see the play. It was rather sad.
2 Come on! We've still got ___________ time left to finish this.
3 Jordi gave very ___________reasons for closing down the bar.
4 With time and ___________ patience, you'll forget her and be happy again.
5 He's not a good teacher. He's unimaginative and has very ___________ patience with children.
6 ___________ of that group's songs are excellent but I don't really like most of their music.
7 I've been to that Asturian restaurant ___________ times. It's good.
8 ___________ people ever learn how to dance properly. It's such a shame.
9 Very ___________ people went to see that film. I don't know why. It's excellent.
10 I have ___________ time for people who talk about themselves all the time and never listen to anyone else.
11 I normally have ___________ red wine with my lunch. It's good for you.
12 Dress the salad with salt, pepper and ___________ olive oil.
13 I've got 20 Euros and ___________ coins. That should be enough for tonight.
14 His computer needs cleaning. He takes very ___________ care of it.

Ex.3 Fill the gaps with for, so that or to.
1 She's on a mission ______________ save the world.
2 Recycling is good ______________ the environment.
3 I like to arrive 20 minutes early ______________ I have time for a cup of tea.
4 I'm doing my homework on the bus ______________ my teacher doesn't kill me.
5 Begsy took a backstreet ______________ avoid the heavy traffic.
6 My brother Jim went to Thailand ______________ escape a meaningless existance.
7 World leaders are doing everything they can ______________ destroy the planet.
8 She bought a map ______________ she wouldn't get lost.
9 We went to bed early ______________ we wouldn't be tired in the morning.
10 You must bring warm clothes ______________ tomorrow.
11 ______________ making mojito you need crushed ice, sweetened lemon juice, mint and white rum.
12 ______________ play the guitar you really need lessons.
13 He invited a friend along ______________ Carla wouldn't be moody.
14 Charles has gone out ______________ get the paper.
15 Let's stop ______________ a coffee.
16 Vincent went to Madrid ______________ buy furniture.
17 Luis is training ______________ be a nurse.
18 We arrived in good time ______________ get a place near the front.
19 My Mum went to London ______________ the sales.
20 I went to London ______________ see JK and Pete.
Ex.4 Fill each gap with the appropriate question tag.
1 You're Australian, _______________?
2 You aren't English, _______________?
3 Marlene smokes, _______________?
4 Sharks don't like chicken, _______________?
5 Moles can't see, _______________?
6 You'll be there, _______________?
7 David won't come, _______________?
8 Bob's got two cats, _______________?
9 You and I are going to the party, _______________?
10 Let's go out, _______________?
11 Shut up, _______________?
12 Maggie failed, _______________?
13 Clive missed his flight, _______________?
14 We've already seen that movie, _______________?
15 Annie wouldn't say no, _______________?
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: 30/04/2008

: : A Homework Given by our Teacher    02, 2008 1:30 pm

1-a)" Beware of the dog!"
b) He warned me ..

2-a) He asked you to open the windows.
b) ""; he said.

3-a) She wanted to know if you had a computer.
b)She asked you:".?"

Task two: complete the following table:
Words Prefix Root Suffix

Task three: mark the intonation(  or  ) at the end of these questions:
a) Who discovered penicillin? ()
b)Do you know who invented the telegraph? ()

Task four: circle the silent letters in these words: (3pts)

Should white who flight column island


Task one: complete sentence(b): (3pts)
1-a)" you should practice sport in morning."
b) He advised me ..

2-a) "Where have you been?"; he asked.
b) He wanted to know

3-a) She thanked me.
b)She said:" "

Task two: complete the following table:
Nouns Adjectives

Task three: underline the stressed syllable in these words: (2pts)

Technology dramatic biological geography

Task four: classify the following words according to the pronunciation of the final "s";"es": (2pts)
Bangs believes misses clocks finishes caps reports pages

/s/ /z/ /iz/
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: 24/03/2008

: : A Homework Given by our Teacher    08, 2008 9:59 pm


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: : A Homework Given by our Teacher    08, 2008 11:19 pm

Thank you mohamed for this contribution

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A Homework Given by our Teacher
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